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You can't hold a man down without staying down with him.
-- Booker T. Washington


Saturday, June 5, 2004


At its heart, achievement does not require more time, energy, money or resources than you already have. It is simply a matter of clearly focusing and directing what’s already available to you.

The wealthiest person in the world got that way utilizing exactly the same number of hours in each day that are available to everyone else. Success depends not so much on what you have to work with, but on what you do with it.

Be clear, specific and precise about what you want to achieve. Fill in all the details, then fill in some more.

If you’re too vague about where you’re going, you can’t possibly get there. Yet when you’re completely clear about what you want, that will help to focus every aspect of your life in the direction of your goal.

Accomplishment comes to those who precisely define what accomplishment means, in each and every detail. What does accomplishment mean to you? Answer that question, with clarity and precision, and you’re well on your way. Stay clear, stay focused, and you’ll surely have what it takes.

— Ralph Marston

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