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The more noise a man or a motor makes the less power there is available.
-- W. R. McGeary


Monday, May 3, 2004

Peacefully on your way

Life can too often be hectic, confusing and painfully noisy. If you listen just to the noise, and focus only on the confusion, it can indeed be quite distressing.

It pays to remember, now and again, that the noise and confusion are not what life is all about. Sure they command your attention, but that doesn’t make them particularly meaningful.

Have you ever noticed that people who always feel the need to shout rarely have anything useful to say? On the other hand, those who whisper do so because what they’re saying has great importance.

The events of each day are often the same way. The things that scream for your attention rarely deserve very much of it.

When you come face to face with something loud, urgent, insisting or demanding, get in the habit of asking yourself this question. Is it really all that important?

If it’s not, then quickly dismiss it from your concerns. And go peacefully, purposefully, positively on your way.

— Ralph Marston

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