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If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today.
-- Lou Holtz


Monday, March 29, 2004

Look beyond

Look beyond what irritates you and you’ll find those things that empower you. Look past what frustrates you and begin to uncover what drives you. Look beyond what worries you and you’ll discover what inspires you. Look beyond what frightens you and you’ll see what strengthens you.

Look beyond what angers you and you’ll see what teaches you. Look beyond what saddens you and you’ll see the things that bring you joy.

Seeing the good things in life is a matter of looking beyond all the other distractions, frustrations and disappointments. Beyond what is superficial, fleeting and negative are the things of substance, the things that endure, the things that truly matter.

Look beyond the surface. Go beyond your first impression. When you seem to be stuck, and it feels that the whole world is conspiring against you, look beyond. Find the real, positive, enduring value that life does indeed have to offer.

— Ralph Marston

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