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Courage without conscience is a wild beast.
-- Robert G. Ingersoll


Thursday, January 15, 2004

Nourished by challenge

The value of an ambitious goal is not measured by what it will bring to you. The worth of a goal is measured by what it will make of you in the process of following and attaining it.

An outrageous and impractical goal can be just as valuable as a prudent and pragmatic one. What matters is not how realistic or practical your objective may be, but how much it compels you to push beyond your limitations.

There are stunningly brilliant possibilities for your life that you’ve never even imagined. Set yourself on a meaningful and ambitious course, and the best of those possibilities will begin snapping into focus.

It pays to dream big dreams. And it certainly pays to follow the biggest and most ambitious of them. For the biggest dreams will put you face to face with the biggest challenges. And those challenges, difficult as they may be, will nourish you in ways that nothing else can.

— Ralph Marston

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