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The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.
-- Peter Drucker


Friday, January 9, 2004


You cannot avoid the consequences of your own thoughts and actions. And you would not ever truly want to.

For if there were no consequences, you could never get anything done. Because there are specific consequences that flow from them, your thoughts and actions can be directed toward useful, meaningful ends.

Yes, you might occasionally wish to escape the consequences of your mistakes. Yet even the negative consequences have positive value. For it is because of the painful consequences that you learn from your mistakes. And that can be learning of the most valuable kind.

Not only do consequences teach in a compelling way, they also provide a dependable structure within which you’re able to achieve what you desire. Consequences provide the vital link between actions and results.

You cannot disconnect consequences from the actions that bring them about, yet what you can do is just as powerful. You can control the actions you take, so as to bring about those very consequences you most desire.

— Ralph Marston

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