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The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.
-- Alfred North Whitehead


Monday, January 5, 2004

Step beyond yourself

Take a step in the direction of freedom, in the direction of power and effectiveness, by taking a step away from your own ego. Go beyond seeing everything in terms of you, and you’ll go beyond many of the limitations that hold you back.

Take a step away from the concerns of your ego and you’ll be stepping away from a lot of useless needs that only hold you back. You’ll be stepping away from envy, spite, the need to prove yourself, and the constant worry about how others perceive you.

What if you had no worries and could not be tempted to stray off course? What if you had the courage to act without being stopped by the fear of failure?

Imagine the power of being able to stay totally focused, immune to all destructive and wasteful habits. The more you can get beyond your ego, the more courage and focus you’ll be able to maintain.

When your energy is no longer being drained by your ego, that energy becomes available to do wondrous things. When you step away from being so consumed with yourself, you step up to a higher level of experience and achievement.

Take that step up. Go beyond yourself and fulfill the very best of your possibilities.

— Ralph Marston

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