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For lack of attention a thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day.
-- Evelyn Underhill


Saturday, November 15, 2003

More than a wish

It takes more than wishing to make it so. And that is indeed a very good thing.

For if every wish were instantly granted, just imagine how empty and disorderly life would be. Nothing would have any substance, and nothing would have any value, for it all could be quickly wished away.

Thankfully, wishes do not come true just because of the wishing, and that helps to cull out the meaningless ones. The dreams you actually reach are the ones that truly matter, for they’re the ones in which you’re willing to invest.

For a wish to come true, it must go beyond a wish. It must receive the substance of your time, your effort, your imagination and your commitment.

When that happens, you’re creating real and lasting value, something that is truly worth having. Don’t ever settle for merely wishing. Instead, follow your most treasured dreams with everything you have, building value along the way. Then what you’ll have is what really matters.

— Ralph Marston

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