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When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it.
-- Mark Victor Hansen


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Make the decision right

When faced with an important choice, it certainly pays to put your time and effort into making the right decision. It’s just as important, after making the decision, to make the decision right. Many of life’s decisions are not inherently right or wrong, valuable or destructive. What often matters even more than the decision itself is what you do after the decision is decided upon.

You’re careful about choosing the people with whom you spend your time and your life. Put even more care into how you actually live and work with those people, to make the decision right. You put much effort into selecting where to live or work or go to school. Put even more effort into the living, the working, the learning, to truly make those decisions right.

The way a particular decision will work out depends primarily on what you do to work it out. The decision itself is not nearly so important as the time, effort, commitment and integrity you put into following through on it.

Rather than worrying too much about whether you’ve made the right decision, put your energy into making the decision right, whatever it may be. That’s a decision of which you can be sure.

— Ralph Marston

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