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The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose.
-- William Cowper


Thursday, September 25, 2003

The inner you

The innermost part of you can only be reached by those things you allow. Though the world around you may be filled with turbulence and noisy confusion, the inner you can be at peace at any time.

Others may hurl insults or anger or disruption in your direction, and such things will often affect your outer world. Yet deep inside, it does not have to get to you.

Deep inside, you can remain strong, confident and peaceful, affected only by the things you truly value and desire. The stronger and more positive you are on the inside, the more that strength will surely and steadily make its way to the outside as well.

Yes, you can allow the negative and disruptive things to get to you, to affect you all the way to your very core. And yet, you can just as surely keep them out. On the inside, when you choose, you can stay strong, confident, and true to your highest purpose. And that strength will, without fail, radiate outward.

You cannot always control your outer world, yet you can always choose to fill the inner you with strength, with faith, with confidence, with love. Put positive energy into the inner you, and the rest of you will benefit greatly.

— Ralph Marston

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