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-- Yogi Berra


Saturday, September 20, 2003

Let joy flow

You cannot know joy by storing it all up for yourself. For then it becomes stagnant and ceases to be joyful at all.

What if you lived in the most magnificent mansion you can imagine, yet had no one to share it with or no one to ever visit you? It’s easy to see that such an arrangement would soon become unbearably dreary and miserable.

Your life is far more valuable than the most opulent mansion. And that value is fulfilled and experienced to the extent that you share the best of yourself with those around you.

Let joy flow out from you at every possible opportunity. And there will always be more than enough coming back to you to take its place.

Seek to make a better world by offering the best of yourself, and increasingly you will indeed experience a better world. Find joy in the good fortune of others and that joy will know no end.

— Ralph Marston

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