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Shun idleness, it is the rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant metals.
-- Voltaire


Saturday, August 16, 2003

Find a reason

You could find a perfectly valid reason to never step forward and accomplish anything. But of what value would that really be? You could find a completely understandable excuse for never making the most of your possibilities. And you’d be left with nothing to show for it other than that excuse.

Or you could find a reason to make the effort, to transcend the obstacles, to deal with the challenges and to get where you truly want to go. You could hold that reason up in front of you every time you become weary, every time you become discouraged.

And it would be a reason with some real value. It would be a reason that would compel you and drive you and encourage you toward the best you can be.

Find a reason to accomplish, a reason to succeed, a reason to do what it takes to reach your most treasured dreams. Then, not only do you have a reason, you have much, much more. You have a life being filled with accomplishment and meaning.

— Ralph Marston

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