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The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.
-- Jean-Paul Sartre


Thursday, June 12, 2003

With feeling

Every feeling has a reason and every feeling has a message. Though it is unwise to let your feelings control your every move, it is also foolish to ignore them.

Your mind can reason in extraordinary ways, and yet life is more than pure reason. What you feel can be just as valid in its own way as what you think.

Perhaps your feelings in the past have let you down. Yet that is no reason to ignore all the feelings you have. Just as thought patterns and physical habits can, over time, be changed, so too can your feelings. Your feelings can grow more positive, more fulfilling, more enriching when you decide to make them so.

Think of something that truly gives you joy, and then allow yourself to feel the reality of it, right now. Feel the joy, and feel the positive energy as it infuses every part of you.

In addition to living by thought and action, live your life with feeling. And with feeling, add richness to every moment.

— Ralph Marston

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