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A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
-- John Keats


Tuesday, May 6, 2003


It takes more than freedom in order to be truly free. Freedom is critically important, to be sure, a powerful and wonderful thing. Yet freedom is of little use if it is not tempered with discipline and responsibility. For it is with discipline and responsibility that freedom is most effectively and most positively put to use.

Indeed, it is with discipline and responsibility that freedom is maintained at all. Freedom is a beautiful and fertile thing, and it is also a lot of work.

When you are free, you can do anything you desire. Yet to remain free requires intelligent and thoughtful use of that freedom. Those who take their freedom for granted, who waste it on empty frivolity, who abuse it, will eventually lose it. Those who honor, respect and are sincerely grateful for freedom, who use it responsibly, will achieve even more freedom as a result.

It is truly great to be free, and well worth the effort to keep that freedom alive and growing.

— Ralph Marston

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