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The greatest failure is the failure to try.
-- William Arthur Ward


Friday, May 2, 2003

What you do with it

The words that others say to you cannot hurt you. If there is any hurt, it comes only from your response to those words. The opinions of other people cannot harm you. It is only when you put too much store in them that they can affect you at all.

Difficult circumstances cannot keep you down, and favorable circumstances cannot raise you up. It is what you make of those circumstances that really matters.

The quality of your life depends primarily on what you do with it. Most of those things outside of you, that you worry about so much, really make very little difference.

What truly makes a difference is the way you choose to think, to feel and to act. What truly makes a difference is what you decide to do with it all. All the other things, while they can be useful, rich and interesting, are secondary concerns. What matters most is how you decide to approach and to live this precious life with which you are blessed.

— Ralph Marston

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