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Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.
-- Norman Cousins


Thursday, March 27, 2003

Giving value

Are you looking for a great opportunity? The greatest opportunities are those that challenge you and demand the best you have to give. So-called opportunities that promise a free ride have no value, because there is no way for you to put any value into them.

Think about it for a moment and you’ll realize that the things you value most are those things to which, and for which, you give of yourself the most. You value your home because you work to purchase, maintain and protect it. You value your relationships because of what you have put into them.

The valuable things in your life are valuable to you not because of how much money has been spent on them. They have value because of how much of yourself has been put into them.

The effort spent on creating value is a joy. Such effort is not something to be avoided, but something to be sought. It’s the way to make a difference, the way that problems are transcended, the way that wealth is created, the way that lives are improved.

Make the effort, create the value, and the rewards will be great indeed.

— Ralph Marston

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