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Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.
-- Japanese proverb


Thursday, February 20, 2003


Many great discoveries have been made just because people were curious enough to pursue them. The world can be changed by someone who asks what if or why not, or who sets out to see what’s over the horizon.

When you explore something new, you bring some of your best qualities to the effort. Exploration is an act of faith, of confidence, courage, optimism, discipline and self reliance. Exploration opens your mind, focuses your attention and brings with it the possibility of valuable discovery. Exploration helps you to more fully appreciate and utilize the resources available to you, while at the same time opening up grand new vistas and possibilities.

Exploration is a great way to strengthen your confidence. The more experience you have with new ideas, new places, new techniques, and new perspectives, the more comfortable you’ll become in all kinds of situations.

When was the last time you explored something new, just for the sake of exploration? There’s no better way to get yourself positively, enthusiastically and productively focused.

Engage in a little exploration today and see how truly alive it makes you feel.

— Ralph Marston

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