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No thoroughly occupied man was ever yet very miserable.
-- L. E. Landon


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Get some traction

When you attempt to do too much too fast you end up with a lot of anxiety and not much else. Slow down, calm down, focus your attention without rushing too fast, and you’ll be able to achieve so much more.

Instead of worrying about what you’re missing, or what else you could be doing, put your heart, mind and spirit fully into what you’re doing now. Life is indeed precious, and each moment is irreplaceable, yet that’s no reason to make the moments so frenzied and hectic. Rather than spinning your wheels like a car stuck in the snow, slow down and calmly get some traction. Moving slowly and deliberately forward is far better than frantically going nowhere.

How many things do you see as urgent just because you’re afraid for them not to be? Imagine how much more ground you would gain if you took the time to do it right instead of busily hurrying through.

Life is best experienced when you take the time to really live it. Move steadily ahead, fast enough to get there, and slow enough to clearly see, appreciate and arrive at where you’re going.

— Ralph Marston

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