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So long as a person is capable of self-renewal they are a living being.
-- Henri-Frederic Amiel


Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Energy of frustration

Within every frustration is the power to move forward. After all, you could not be frustrated if you did not also know for certain that things could indeed be better.

The more frustrated you feel, the more you are ready, willing and able to move beyond that frustration with positive and effective action. Though it may be quite painful, frustration also is a powerful motivator.

Frustration has its positive, empowering elements as well as its negative, dismaying ones. Remove the resentment and self pity from your frustration, and what you have left is pure, positive energy. Remove the anger and the blame, and you uncover drive, ambition, persistence. Not only can frustration spur you into action and keep you going, it can do so in ways that enable you to clearly focus on what needs to be done.

When there is frustration, there is opportunity. Where there is frustration, there is an underlying positive energy that’s anxious to spring into action. Don’t let your frustration get the best of you or get you down. Instead, know that it’s positively compelling you to move forward, and make use of the considerable energy that your frustration gives you to do just that.

— Ralph Marston

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