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We must not allow ourselves to become like the system we oppose.
-- Bishop Desmond Tutu


Saturday, November 23, 2002

From the inside

The things in your life will change for the better to the extent that you change for the better. Who you truly are on the inside will determine how your life proceeds on the outside.

Progress, success, achievement and fulfillment flow from the inside out. No person or object or situation outside of you can bring about any kind of worthwhile positive change unless you are committed to it on the inside.

Rather than waiting and wishing for things to get better, prepare yourself to be the person who can truly live the reality you seek. Align your thoughts, your passions, your priorities and your actions with the life you desire and it will come to be.

Every great achievement lives first in the mind and in the heart, and from there it works its way into the outer world. That’s why it is far more effective to focus on what you can give rather than merely on what you can get.

Touch your highest vision and make it part of who you are in every moment. All kinds of good and valuable things will flow from the inside out.

— Ralph Marston

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