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God has no hands but these.
-- Mother Theresa


Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Desperate ambition

Desperately wanting something is not very likely to bring it about. Your sense of want and your desperation serve mainly to perpetuate an attitude of lack and limitation.

Rather than putting your energy into wanting something, put your energy into creating it. Instead of following a desperate kind of ambition, live with a confident kind of acceptance. Know that no matter what happens, there is a way for you to move positively forward. The biggest obstacle standing in the way of anything is often your idea that it cannot be.

Think as if, act as if what you seek is already taking shape, and it will be. Open yourself to the magnificent abundance in which you’re immersed, and let go of all thoughts of lack and limitation.

Move beyond that painful, ineffective, desperate kind of ambition. Step forward with confidence and assurance to bring about the reality of whatever you seek.

— Ralph Marston

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