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Change yourself and your work will seem different.
-- Norman Vincent Peale


Saturday, September 7, 2002

What is best

Sure, it’s a lot easier to think you’ve already missed the big opportunity than it is to make that opportunity work for you. And it’s easier to assume you’ve done all you can than it is to put in just a little more effort to make absolutely sure.

It’s much easier to tell yourself that you know all the answers than it is to go through the effort of learning something new. And it’s much easier to talk about doing something than it is to actually get busy and do it.

But the easy way is not usually the best way. The best way is to do what you know is right. Do you know what is right? Of course you do.

You know that opportunity is always there for those who are willing to put in the work that it requires. You know that often your extra efforts can make the difference between spectacular success and mediocrity.

You know that the smartest people are those who have the courage to admit what they don’t know. And you know that it takes more than just talk to make things happen.

You’ve seen how life works, and you’ve seen what makes the difference between success and failure. Keep that in mind when making your own choices, every moment, every day. Enjoy the benefits that come from choosing what is right and what is best.

— Ralph Marston

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