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It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted.
-- Aeschylus


Thursday, August 22, 2002


Life is in many ways unpredictable, and that can be one of its greatest blessings. Imagine how tedious and monotonous life would be if it were completely predictable. The surprises in life keep us from becoming too complacent. Life’s unpredictable side continually presents us with new possibilities and new opportunities for growth.

If you knew exactly what was going to happen today, and tomorrow, and the next day and the next, it would soon grow quite tiresome. Thankfully, life is new and different from day to day, from moment to moment.

Yes, some of those unpredictable surprises will be unpleasant. Some of them will present great difficulties and challenges. Sometimes it can be tempting to wish that things would always stay the same. Yet such a life would offer few, if any, possibilities for joy and fulfillment.

Think not of how difficult it is to adapt to the new, the unpredictable, the changing conditions which are indeed a fact of life. Think instead of how truly blessed you are to be able to adapt, to learn, to grow, and to experience the newness and uniqueness of each and every day.

— Ralph Marston

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