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-- Henry Ford


Thursday, August 15, 2002

An exquisite contradiction

You are the same person you were yesterday, and yet you are also more than you have ever been before. You are changing on a moment by moment basis, and yet at some level you remain the person you have always been.

Stop for a moment and consider what a beautiful paradox it is. You constantly move through life, learning, growing, experiencing, becoming, while all the time continuing to be you.

You can embrace change without abandoning the absolute, fundamental values which provide a solid foundation for your existence, your purpose, your fulfillment. You can stand firm while at the same time learning, adjusting, accepting and adapting.

Part of moving successfully forward is your ability to stay firmly anchored to who you are and to what you know is always true. And part of maintaining a strong sense of who you are is your willingness to change for the better.

You are fixed and you are flexible. It is an exquisite contradiction. Learn to see the value in those things which do not change, and also in those things which can be changed for the better. They both have their place, they both have their value, and they both are yours to use in living a life of meaning and fulfillment.

— Ralph Marston

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