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Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.
-- Soren Kierkegaard


Monday, August 5, 2002

Go for the best

It is nearly impossible to remain discouraged for long when your goal is compelling enough. If you’re discouraged, the answer is not to scale back your dreams, but rather to expand them to the point where you cannot help but be pushed forward by them.

The challenges, the obstacles, the difficulties are going to be there, no matter where you’re headed. So you might as well be headed toward where you truly want to go. You won’t always be able to control which challenges come your way, yet you can control what rewards are on the other side of those challenges. Make those goals, those dreams so big and so meaningful that the challenges will seem trivial by comparison.

Your expectations will determine your attitude, and your attitude will determine your actions. Your actions, in turn, will determine the results you achieve.

Your future is yours to create, regardless of what has happened in the past. Imagine the best, expect the best and you’ll know that you have what it takes to get there.

— Ralph Marston

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