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The most violent element in society is ignorance.
-- Emma Goldman


Saturday, June 29, 2002

The moment is yours

This moment is the greatest opportunity you have. You can fill it with purpose, with love, with joy and fulfillment. In this moment is everything you are, and everything you have with which to work. It is the very real and powerful culmination of everything you have ever been, and you can do with it whatever you choose.

It may seem like an ordinary moment. Yet this moment is unlike any other because it is the only one which is now here. You do not have to wish for this moment as you do for the future. You do not have to regret this moment, and you might for some past moments. What you can do with this moment is far, far better than empty wishes or painful regrets. What you can do with this moment is to act on it and give it as much value as you’re willing to give.

That is truly an opportunity with no equal, and it would be foolish indeed to pass it by. This moment is now yours, and its value is limited only by what you choose to do with it. Choose to make it great, then follow through on your commitment. Transform this greatest of opportunities into a magnificent reality.

— Ralph Marston

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