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Courage without conscience is a wild beast.
-- Robert G. Ingersoll


Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Feeling great

Wouldn’t it be great to feel great? Stop for a moment and think of what it would be like.

There are probably many reasons why you’ve told yourself you cannot, or should not, feel great. Perhaps others have given you even more reasons. All those reasons may be completely true and valid. Yet they need not stand in your way of feeling great about yourself and the world in which you live.

Pretend for a moment that every disappointment you’ve ever experienced is now in the past. Pretend for a moment that every reason you’ve had for holding yourself back has suddenly vanished.

Just consider that it could be possible to feel great regardless of what others think of you, or do to you, or say to you. Consider that it could be possible to feel great, to be filled with joy and with life, no matter what your circumstances may be.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to feel great. In fact, you don’t need anything other than to simply let yourself do it. Accept the overwhelmingly blessed abundance of life that you’ve been given. All the frustrations, the pain, the disappointments pale in comparison.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel great? If only for a moment or two, let yourself do it, and see how truly great it can be.

— Ralph Marston

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