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Discontent is the first necessity of progress.
-- Thomas Alva Edison


Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Reaching higher

When the challenges become more difficult and the obstacles become more daunting, respond by reaching higher. When the difficulties holding you back become strong, let your desire to get through them grow even stronger.

There is no limit to the goals you can set for yourself or to the dreams you can hold in your heart. So make your dreams bigger than your problems. More than any skill, or resource or other advantage in this world, your desire will determine how far you go. So when the going gets rough, let your desire get even stronger.

If the goal does not seem worth the effort, then make the goal worth more. Keep reaching higher, until where you’re going far outweighs what you must go through to get there.

When you have a reason to make it happen, you’ll find a way to make it happen. When the goal is meaningful enough, you’ll find a way to reach it no matter what.

Set your sights higher and you’ll find you’re able not only to look beyond the obstacles, but to get beyond them too.

— Ralph Marston

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