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There are no gains without pains.
-- Benjamin Franklin


Thursday, April 4, 2002

Feel like it

Everyone wants to achieve success, yet too often when it comes to making the necessary effort, too many people simply don’t feel like it.

To rise to a new level of achievement, what you first must to do is feel like it. When a job needs doing, and everyone else complains that they “don’t feel like it” that’s your cue to feel like it, and get it done.

How do you feel like it when others don’t, or won’t? Connect your feelings with the long-term end result, rather than with the short-term inconvenience or discomfort of doing what’s necessary to get there.

Keep in mind that the effort is only temporary, while the accomplishment can endure for a long, long time. That will help you feel like it.

Your feelings are not forced on you or dictated by mere circumstance. Your feelings are whatever you decide to make them. So when opportunity beckons, feel like it, do it, and achieve it.

— Ralph Marston

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