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You can employ men and hire hands to work for you, but you must win their hearts to have them soar with you.
-- Tiorio


Monday, February 25, 2002


What are you doing with your imagination? Is it holding you back, with fears and worries, or is it moving you forward, filled with dreams and possibilities?

Your imagination is yours, to do with as you wish. It can be a powerful positive factor in your life. Your imagination can enable you to explore all sorts of possibilities, no matter what your present circumstances may be. It costs no money or physical effort to imagine a life of richness and fulfillment for yourself. And the more vividly you imagine it, the more real your imagined possibilities will become.

Yes, it takes more than imagination to make things happen. It takes effort, focus, commitment, time and patience. Yet imagination will get the process started. And imagination can keep your efforts pointed in a positive and empowering direction.

There are no limits to what you can imagine for yourself and for your world. And as soon as you can imagine it, you’re well on your way toward achieving it. Go ahead and set your imagination free to imagine the very best. Then put the time, energy and focus of your life into the great experience of living the best you can imagine.

— Ralph Marston

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