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Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
-- General George Patton


Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Free from friction

What would happen if you attempted to go ice skating in a warm, dry parking lot? The blades of your skates would be stopped by the friction against the pavement before they ever got started. You would go nowhere. Yet if you moved to a frozen pond, then your skates would glide swiftly along the ice.

Attempting to achieve anything of value while you’re angry, resentful or dejected is just about as impossible as ice skating in a parking lot. Each moment of negativity produces friction which works in opposition to anything productive you’re attempting to do.

Does it make sense to work against yourself, to create friction against your own accomplishments? Of course not. So if you find that you’re not making any headway, step back and look at the whole picture. You have the power and the ability to remove the friction of your own negativity.

Let go of that negativity. It does you no good. When you stop working against yourself you’ll have plenty of energy to glide swiftly and smoothly toward wherever you’ve decided to go.

— Ralph Marston

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