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Friday, October 5, 2001

Boldly forward

Staying where you’ve always been is warm and cozy and comfortable. It’s easy to get used to accepting less than you’re capable of achieving, just because it’s so familiar.

The moment you decide to move ahead, to try something new, to expect more of yourself, it can be frightening. When you take that first step out into the unrelenting, chilly wind of reality and you get blown around a bit, it can make you want to jump back into the refuge of your comfort zone.

Yet staying cozy all the time will eventually smother you. The worst regrets you’ll ever know are the regrets for things not attempted. When you step away from what’s comfortable, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Some of those possibilities can be daunting. Yet when you’re able to accept the risks, when you can live with the most difficult challenges and work your way through them, you’ll reap the greatest, most fulfilling rewards.

What do you really, truly desire from life -- to stay comfortably where you are and to never again make a difference, or to fill each precious day with the best that you can be? Choose to live. Choose to look those difficult challenges in the eye and dare to make the most of them. Step boldly forward and take delight in how far you can go.

— Ralph Marston

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