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Let us train our minds to desire what the situation demands.
-- Seneca


Monday, September 3, 2001

Looking back on today

When you look back on today what will you see, and how will you feel about it? Will there be anything to make it memorable? Will there be anything that makes this day different than all the rest?

More importantly, will you look back on today with fondness or will you look back with regret? Will you be glad you invested your time the way you did, or will you wish in vain that you had done things differently?

That’s up to you. Because today is still in the making. You have the opportunity to make it memorable, to make it a day that will add something of value to the rest of your life.

Think about that. What could you do today that will have a positive influence on the rest of your life, and perhaps even beyond? Now is your opportunity to make the most of today. Once today is over, there’s no changing it. Yet while it’s still here, today brings with it an entire world of possibilities. Right now is your only chance to choose and act upon the very best of those possibilities.

Imagine looking back on today from some point in the future. Then go out and live this day so it will be one you’ll be happy and grateful to look back upon.

— Ralph Marston

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