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To have a great idea, have a lot of them.
-- Thomas Edison


Friday, August 17, 2001

Confident of success

No one is ever assured of success. Every undertaking carries with it some risk. Yet even though there is no assurance of success, some people are confident enough to get started. Some of those are confident enough to keep going in the face of obstacles and disappointments. And some of those are confident enough to persist until the success is actually achieved.

Where does confidence come from? It comes from experience. Being confident comes as a result of acting confident.

What would you do today if you were confident of success? Do it. What first step would you take? Take it. How would you sit, how would you walk, how would you greet other people, how would you act if you were confident of success? Act that way and the confidence will come.

Yes, confidence takes a little blind faith at first. Soon enough, however, that confidence becomes real, supported and confirmed by actual experience. Act confident and you’ll begin to be confident. Be confident and you’ll have what it takes to bring your goals into reality.

— Ralph Marston

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