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-- Beverly Sills


Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Use it or lose it

One way or another, you’ll eventually appreciate the good things you now have. The worst way to gain appreciation for something you have is by losing it. The best way to develop that appreciation for something you already have is by using it.

Your life is filled with many treasures, and someday you’ll truly appreciate those treasures. The question is, will that appreciation come about through the sadness of loss, or through the joy of fulfillment? That choice is yours to make right here, right now.

Make use of what you have while you have it, and not only will your appreciation for it grow, that appreciation will add real value to your life. Take advantage of your opportunities, love and enjoy the people around you, make use of your time to accomplish great things.

The more you make use of the good things you have, the more your appreciation for them will grow. And the more your appreciation grows, the better use you’re able to make of them. It’s a wonderful upward spiral toward success and fulfillment.

Make full use of what you have. There’s no better way to live your gratitude.

— Ralph Marston

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