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The great end of life is not knowledge but action.
-- Thomas H. Huxley


Friday, July 20, 2001

Adapt to success

You have the amazing ability to adapt to a wide variety of situations. What might seem completely strange and foreign will, after a few days, start to feel natural and even comforting.

What kinds of things have you become accustomed to? Have you adapted yourself to a lifestyle that moves you forward, or do your normal habits and thought patterns hold you back?

To achieve success, adapt yourself to success. Eliminate those activities that waste your time and bring you nothing in return. Keep your distance from those negative people, places, thoughts and habits that have become so comfortable. You can quickly adapt yourself to a more positive way of thinking and living.

Challenge yourself to climb out of your comfortable rut. Know that you can adapt to a higher level of energy, a higher level of thinking and awareness, a higher level of success and accomplishment. Before long, it will feel natural and very right.

You know what will move you forward. So make those things a regular part of your life. Adapt to success, and it will come naturally to you.

— Ralph Marston

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