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Passion is the shrapnel that flies from a three-way collision of determination, commitment and action.
-- Roy H. Williams


Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Insider secrets

The best way to become skilled and effective at anything is through practice. Whether it is managing a business, ice skating, networking with other people, writing, earning money or cooking, the way to get better at it is to actually spend a significant amount of time doing it.

We like to think sometimes that there are “secrets” which make people effective at what they do, and that if we could just acquire those inside secrets we’d be stunningly successful. Certainly there are many things you can learn from those who are more experienced. Yet there are no secret techniques, there is no inside information, which can take the place of practice.

The mind, body and spirit are amazingly adaptive. Anything you do often enough, you will learn to do well. That’s no secret. It’s plainly obvious. Instead of looking for a secret technique, just get busy and get some good, solid, real-world experience. Then you’ll have the ultimate inside information.

— Ralph Marston

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