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Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea.
-- Robert Half


Tuesday, January 9, 2001


Do you know what the NASDAQ Composite Index closed at yesterday? If you have investments in the stock market you probably know. If you don’t have any stock investments, you may have heard the numbers on radio or seen them briefly on television, but you probably didn’t pay much attention.

Making an investment will make you much more interested and committed, whether that investment is in the stock market, a relationship, learning a new language, or building a neighborhood park. When you’ve put some of your own money, time, effort or other resources into something, your level of commitment to it rises significantly.

Are you having trouble making a meaningful commitment and achieving results? Then start by making an investment. Acquire a stake. The commitment will come, as will the results. Put some of yourself into it and it will become much more important to you.

To reap rewards in the financial markets, you must be invested in them. To find fulfillment in any area of life, you need to invest yourself in it. Put yourself into what you do. Invest yourself in your life, and reap the rewards which your sincere commitment will surely bring.

— Ralph Marston

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