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A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.
-- Charles Schwab


Monday, December 18, 2000


Are your goals real and clear to you, or are they just vague concepts? The more vividly you can see where you desire to go, the more effectively you can determine how to get there.

"I want to see the world” is an ambitious enough goal, yet it has little power because it lacks compelling detail. Adding the specifics such as “I intend to sail across the Pacific Ocean, to hike through the Alps, to stand on the Great Wall of China” will flesh out the goal, making it real and achievable.

Do you want to buy someone “the perfect gift?” You cannot do that until you define what specific item that would be. Intentions must be clear if they’re to be achieved.

Give details to your desires, and you’ll give wings to your dreams. Knowing precisely what you want will naturally lead you to precisely how to achieve it. If you’re not getting where you desire to go, work on making the goal more clear and specific. Every vivid detail will further define and direct your efforts. See the goal clearly enough, and you’ll clearly see the way there.

— Ralph Marston

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