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Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.
-- Dale Carnegie


Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Along the way

How do you take the actions you know you must take to bring about the life you desire to create? How do you avoid the temptations and live with enough discipline to bring about positive, creative results? There are things you know you’d be better off not doing, and yet you do them anyway. There are other things you know you need to do, and yet you often put them off. Why is this so?

There seems to be a conflict between the convenience of the moment and the fulfillment of your highest possibilities. You live under the assumption that one must be sacrificed for the other. But what if that assumption was misguided? What if that assumption was merely a product of your imagination?

Imagine for a moment that building for the future can actually be enjoyable right now. Consider that discipline, effort, and focus can truly be pleasant and even refreshing as you undertake them. The seeming conflict between what you want to do right now and what you desire to eventually accomplish is, in reality, all based on your own opinion.

You have the power to decide what is enjoyable for you. Decide to enjoy the actions and attitudes which will bring about the fulfillment of your most treasured possibilities. Get where you truly desire to go, and enjoy each moment you experience along the way.

— Ralph Marston

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