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What you need remains hidden where you least want to look.
-- Jordan B. Peterson


Thursday, October 12, 2000

Your control

Some people, upon encountering things which are beyond their control, throw up their hands in despair and frustration. Others understand that by using those things which they can control, it is possible to turn any circumstance in their favor.

Long ago people realized that they had no control over the seasons. Some of those people, however, also realized that by controlling their own actions and movements in accordance with the progression of the seasons, they could have plenty of food to eat. Great civilizations resulted which continue to grow and thrive even to this day.

In every area of endeavor there are numerous and significant factors beyond your control. Yet you are far from helpless. In every situation, there are countless positive actions you can take which will more than make up for the things you’re unable to control.

Life is yours to live. Excellence is yours to pursue. Focus not on what is beyond your control. Instead, exercise control over your own thoughts and actions so as to harvest a sweet fulfillment from the vagaries of life.

— Ralph Marston

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