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He can who thinks he can, And he can't who thinks he can't. This is an indisputable law.
-- Henry Ford


Saturday, September 2, 2000

Think ahead

Each time you start to do something, ask yourself -- what effect will this have two weeks from now, two months from now, a year from now? We often act out of impulse without considering the eventual consequences. What seems right for the moment may be entirely wrong for the future.

You’re the one who will be living in your own future. It makes sense to take responsibility for that future, to make it the best it can possibly be. The time you take to think ahead, and to evaluate your decisions with an eye toward the future, can make a big difference in the quality of that future.

Live in the moment and get the most from every experience while also looking toward the future. That will make the experiences to come will be even better. The little things you do right now can have a big positive impact when you make the effort to think ahead.

— Ralph Marston

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