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Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.
-- Japanese proverb


Saturday, July 22, 2000

In control

Success and accomplishment are largely a matter of staying in control of your own thoughts and actions. You have a nearly unlimited amount of potential to achieve whatever you desire. The way to actually fulfill that potential is by exercising control over the things for which you are responsible, such as your time and your efforts.

So many people spend so much time and trouble attempting to control others when there’s hardly any need to do so. The most accessible control is also the most effective kind of control -- self control. No one can stand in your way when you make the commitment to focus and control your own thoughts and actions.

The way you think and the way you live your life are yours to control. Those who wisely make use of that control regularly and consistently reap huge benefits. You can sit back and blame your troubles on all sorts of factors outside yourself. Or you can decide to take responsibility and control for your own life. Keep yourself in control of you, from moment to moment, and you can go anywhere you wish to go.

— Ralph Marston

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