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Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.
-- J. Willard Marriott


Friday, July 7, 2000


Ability comes from action. To become skilled at doing something, you must first begin to do it, and then continue doing it until you have mastered it. Powerful abilities come from patient, focused practice. Each day spent in diligent, directed effort strengthens your ability to make that effort.

The more you practice anything, the more advantage you earn for yourself in doing it. As such, each and every moment spent in focused action is a reward unto itself, no matter what the immediate outcome or result. The assiduous efforts you make will indeed pay off. They cannot fail to do so.

You can do anything you set out to do, with enough focused and persistent action. Though you start at the beginning, your disciplined efforts quickly build upon themselves and your effectiveness compounds as you move steadily along.

Those who wait for life to hand them happiness and fulfillment will soon be bitterly disappointed. Those who start at the beginning and take diligent, persistent action will always know the sweetest, most lasting rewards.

— Ralph Marston

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