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God gave burdens, also shoulders.
-- Yiddish Proverb


Friday, April 14, 2000

It’s yours, too

You are the person most negatively affected by your scorn and anger toward others. Though your anger may be entirely justified, that’s no reason for you to perpetuate and support it. By the same token, the love and compassion you express toward others lives in your own heart and benefits your own life as well.

Whatever you direct toward others, ends up as part of you. You cannot hurt others without also hurting yourself. You cannot help others without also benefiting yourself.

Think of your anger and negativity not as a stone which you throw at another, but rather as a toxic cloud which surrounds both of you. Think of your love and compassion for others not as something you give up, but rather as a light you turn on which adds a bright, positive glow to everything around you.

Do all you can to move past the anger and to fill your world with positive brightness.

— Ralph Marston

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