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I am not surprised at what men suffer, but I am surprised at what men miss.
-- John Ruskin


Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Today, the one and only

Today is no ordinary day. It is special. It is unique. There has never been a day quite like today. It offers opportunities which are all its own.

Today is here now and it will never come again. It’s a valuable gift you’ve just now received, to do with as you wish. Will you expand it into even better things or will you squander the one chance you have to make this day count?

Consider the vast amounts of energy and matter which must come together in precisely the right combination just to make this day a reality. How could you possibly take it for granted?

This very day there is greatness waiting to be expressed. There is joy waiting to be experienced. You’re in a great position, one which won’t be the same after this day is over. Do all you can with this day. Make the most of every moment. It’s here for you now. Take it in and run with it.

— Ralph Marston

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