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We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers.
-- Woodrow Wilson


Saturday, April 8, 2000

Values in action

What values have you put into action today? Honesty, integrity, compassion, discipline, respect, tolerance -- these are more than just words. They are qualities which have the power to change lives, to change the world. Yet it takes more than just speaking these words.

To be of real value, values must be lived. There’s more to making a difference than just making a statement. The mere appearance of values is not sufficient to bring forth their benefits.

Positive values will create magnificent results only when they are sincerely and consistently put into action, when each moment is infused with their influence.

Live your values. Live them every moment. If your values are vague, abstract concepts, they won’t do you much good. When your values become your behavior, that’s when you’ll start to feel their true power. Values are yours only when they are you. Walk your talk. Add value to your life by giving life to your values.

— Ralph Marston

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