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All things change; nothing perishes.
-- Ovid


Friday, March 24, 2000

Shake off the losses

To be a real winner, be a good loser. Your attitude and actions when things go wrong will determine how often things go right for you. Things will indeed go wrong. There is risk in every undertaking. The road to success it not a straight, paved freeway. It has many twists and turns, gaps, potholes and rough pavement.

Anyone can be positive when things are going right. That’s no big accomplishment. The real key to success is to remain positively focused when things don’t go as you planned.

Today will not be perfect. Your job will not be perfect. Your children will not be perfect. Your car will not always run. Your computer will crash. People will be rude to you. These things are part of living. The less time and effort you spend whining, complaining and being dismayed about them, the more time you have for positive, effective living.

When you can shake off the losses and keep on going forward, then you’re a true winner.

— Ralph Marston

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