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I have no particular talent. I am merely extremely inquisitive.
-- Albert Einstein


Thursday, March 9, 2000

The way I am

How many times do you catch yourself saying or thinking “that’s just the way I am"? What wonderful opportunities and experiences do you avoid because you tell yourself they’re not for you?

The way you are is precisely the way you choose to be. Though you are special and unique, you are not set in stone. You’re meant to be flexible and adaptable, curious, adventurous and resourceful. “Just the way I am” is too often just a convenient excuse. Sure, you are free to choose how you wish to live, but make no mistake -- it is a choice. The way you are is based largely on the way you choose to be.

Take a look at those things you’ve chosen, and at the things you’ve avoided. Take a look at the limitations you’ve placed on yourself. Haven’t you lived with that burden long enough? Start today to expand your own self concept.

You can do it, you can be it, you can have it, you can create it -- when you make the choice to do so. Don’t sink into the comfortable excuse of “just the way I am.” Go out and grow. Go out and build. Go out and create greatness. Go out and make a fascinating, fulfilling life for yourself. There’s no one better suited for the job than you. Rather than settling for just the way you are, get in touch with all that you can be.

— Ralph Marston

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