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I want to die young at a ripe old age.
-- Ashley Montagu


Friday, January 28, 2000

Challenge the distractions away

Fill your time with compelling challenges and focused effort. Otherwise, the daily onslaught of distractions can waste it away. There are so many enticing, thrilling, yet ultimately empty choices available to you. Unless you intentionally focus your efforts, these distractions can consume your time, leaving you little or nothing to show for it.

Sure, it’s great to let yourself be distracted from time to time. There’s value in experiencing and following the unexpected and unplanned. Yet the sheer quantity of distractions can easily overwhelm anyone who fails to put effort and intention into staying focused.

Challenge is a great way to transcend the empty distractions. Challenge energizes, excites and motivates you. It keeps you busy and it can keep you focused. A difficult problem to be solved, and a substantial reward for solving it, easily puts distractions in their place.

Keep yourself challenged. It will strengthen you. It will energize and motivate you. It will keep you positively focused on, and occupied with, the things which truly matter.

— Ralph Marston

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