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The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.
-- Mortimer Adler


Wednesday, January 12, 2000


There are a relatively small number of things which you can control. By comparison, the things to which you can adapt are virtually limitless. Those who attempt to exercise absolute control rarely ever succeed for very long, if at all. By contrast, those who learn how to adapt can thrive indefinitely in just about any situation.

Everything you know about has already happened. Though you plan for it and work to shape it, the future is in many ways a big unknown. When venturing into the unknown, perhaps the most consistently successful strategy is to be willing and able to adapt.

When you can adapt, change becomes your friend. And change is something that is very abundant in this life. Your ancestors learned to adapt. If they hadn’t, you would not be here.

Adapting to changing conditions doesn’t mean giving in or sacrificing your deeply held values. It doesn’t mean you must change who you are. It comes down to appreciating the reality of your situation and then proceeding accordingly.

Those who continually seek control never really get it, while those who can adapt are truly and firmly in control.

— Ralph Marston

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